Oracle Database Server

The Oracle database server provides the ability to access a backend Oracle database. The Oracle database module configuration enables access to specific database tables, including the ability to insert, select, update and delete data from the tables. These operations can be either performed manually, from the appropriate Web page, or automatically via the Workflow server. All insert, update and delete operations include a data validation process that checks the data format is correct before issuing the database request. The insert data feature also allows the use of formatted data files to insert multiple data records into a table with a single request. This can be used to import data that has been exported from another database or spreadsheet.

When applying genXserv to an existing database, it only requires the creation of four new tables, for the Workflow and Email facilities, and does not require the addition of any PL/SQL subprograms or triggers. This ensures minimal interference with the existing database structure.

The Oracle database server utilises Dynamic SQL methods which enable it to dynamically create SQL statements based on the request. This ensures the most effective database requests are always issued. In addition, this feature allows the use of the following comparison operators and wildcard characters for filtering data: