The MailXmaster application is an effective email and file management tool which enables the centralised database storage and classification of emails and files based on user defined tasks. It can be used as a valuable tool for department or project management and for the auditing of company procedures.

The emails and files are automatically assigned into specific Group Section Tasks and can be securely accessed and reviewed as required using a standard Web browser. The group could be any department, project or procedure that contains distinct sections and tasks that should be differentiated, and each Group Section defined uses discrete database tables to ensure isolation and privacy from other sections.

Simply copy to MailXmaster all emails sent, and forward all emails received, and include a user defined Task Reference in the address or subject to classify the emails into their appropriate Group Sections. Files are uploaded to their Group Section by using the Web interface with their specific Task Reference.

The stored emails and files can be automatically analysed and filtered to produce activity and search reports, or other bespoke reports, in accordance with user defined criteria, schedules and recipients for group or task management purposes.

Individuals can use MailXmaster to easily backup and classify their emails and files for simple efficient future reference. Teams can use it to combine and classify all the members emails and files to provide a comprehensive overview of task activity for management.