Business Implementation

We start by performing the necessary analysis and architecture for your business and infrastructure requirements. genXserv can be applied to an existing or new database, and can be used to access and process data of any type, it is not restricted to a particular sector. It is normally hosted on the same machine as the Oracle database, which could be on an existing local server, that offers internet access, or a new remote data centre installation. If your business does not have an existing Oracle database, you need to decide whether you want it hosted locally, within your company network, or remotely in the cloud. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Following the design phase, genXserv will be configured, tested and installed into your chosen production environment. All configuration is performed by us, according to your requirements, ensuring you do not need any development skills or specialist technical knowledge. Each specific application is identified by a unique schema name (application structure name) which is used in all subsequent transactions.

Finally, we will implement a bespoke support agreement for us to administer and maintain the system and resolve any future amendments.

Due to the unknown requirements, the cost of the implementation and user license is calculated individually for each particular application, following its free design phase. Future system changes and additions will be chargeable at a mutually agreed rate.