HTML Generator

The HTML generator dynamically creates HTML for Web pages, outgoing email and reports. This ensures the HTML always satisfies the request criteria and includes the appropriate data from the backend database. The generated HTML is based on the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript technology to ensure the Web pages are interactive and dynamic. This is driven by the HTML process module configuration which facilitates the creation of bespoke Web pages, outgoing mails and reports/forms.

All generated HTML includes a timestamp in the title, which shows the actual time it was created and its data was requested. In addition, all HTML has a user guide link that gives a functional overview and details the options and inputs available for that document.

Our philosophy is to keep the Web pages simple, intuitive and consistent, so they provide all the data and options necessary, within a familiar format, and can be viewed on most Web browsers. This ensures access to genXserv whatever your browser device or geographic location. The same principles are applied to all outgoing mails and reports/forms.