Main Home Page Guide


This page provides various documentation describing the functions, features and applications of genXserv.

It also provides access to authorised applications via the Application menu. Each specific application is identified by a unique schema name (application name) which is used in all subsequent transactions.

The MailXmaster Demo application offers a fully operational demonstration of MailXmaster, which is based on an imaginary software development company. The authentication details for this demo application are:

password: mmdemo


Select Application
Select the Application required from the Application menu and enter the authentication details. The Schema Home page is displayed. The user must be successfully authenticated before access is allowed.


The page is split into multiple sections to distinguish between the inputs and options available. The inputs have four different types that are colour coded as follows:
Optional Input - enter value if required

Mandatory Input - always enter value

Readonly Input - cannot enter value, current value displayed and used on submission

Disabled Input - cannot enter value, current value displayed but not used on submission