Create Account Guide


This page provides the option to create a new account. Values must be entered into all mandatory inputs. Readonly inputs reference existing data and cannot be modified. All input values are checked for valid format before issuing the create request.

The user creating the account is automatically given Administrator privileges (Access Level 0) and is authorized to create new users. If a non-trial plan type is selected the Payment Plan and Invoice Details sections are displayed and must be completed.


Create Account
Enter the input values required and then press the Create button to submit the request. Press OK in the confirmation popup to confirm the creation. A status popup is displayed summarising the operation and a confirmation email is sent.

Reset Inputs
Press the Reset button to reset all the input values entered to their original values, no request is submitted.


The page is split into multiple sections to distinguish between the inputs and options available. The inputs have four different types that are colour coded as follows:
Optional Input - enter value if required

Mandatory Input - always enter value

Readonly Input - cannot enter value, current value displayed and used on submission

Disabled Input - cannot enter value, current value displayed but not used on submission